December 01, 2005

Self-Abusing Intruder Caught On Tape

This has got to make every female's skin crawl. A woman, concerned that her apartment was being broken into, set up a camera in her house to catch the guy red-handed. Well, his hands were involved alright (edited video accompanies the story):

On November 15, while she was at work, the camera captured images of a man entering her apartment appearing to use a key. He leaves, then returns and walks right into a trap.

"Right by the door was the sofa, so I laid some lingerie and other things on it and so it worked," she said.

He handled the lingerie, put on a camisole and underwear, and engages in self-gratification. Before he left, he arranged the underwear as he found it.

And it made the evening news!!

Imagine this guy, unaware of the news story, going to work the next day and wondering why everyone is staring at him? The woman in question has not returned to the apartment since. "I don't trust people as much and I don't feel comfortable being alone," she said.

Apparently, he does.

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1 Ummm, ok. That explains a few things about why no-one would use a pen if I offered it ... but hey, black is slimming!

Posted by: mdmhvonpa at December 01, 2005 02:08 PM (6x1mQ)

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