February 13, 2006

A Hunting Accident?

That's the "official" story of this weekend's incident involving the Vice-President. But we're now getting information throughout the blogosphere as to what really happened.

According to an unnamed eyewitness, Dick Cheney had his shotgun trained on a covey of quail when his hunting partner, Harry Whittington, decided to have a little fun. Faking an exaggerated sneeze, Whittington scared off the game depriving Cheney of his kill. Now if Dick Cheney's wrath had been such that he wanted Whittington dead, he would have simply strangled him with his penis.

No, the Vice-President merely intended to send Whittington a message: You don't f**k with Dick Cheney.

UPDATE: 12:00pm
Where credit is due...

Bless my soul, Al Franken lapsed back into "funny" mode today:

Now, I imagine that Cheney and the President have hunted together. What would have happened if Cheney had shot the President? I think if he shot Bush this way, Bush isn't 78 and he's in pretty good shape, and he's kinda macho. I think he would've gotten up and shot Cheney back. And I think they would've started blasting each other like in a Tarrantino movie.

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1 Hmm...according to my reliable sources, Cheney was hunting for Quayle. Whittington threatened to offer Cheney a pretzel; and Cheney, being the war-mongering Republican that he is, over-reacted and shot Whittington in pre-imminent self defense. No pretzels have yet to be found on Whittington's person.

Posted by: Wordsmith at February 13, 2006 01:02 PM (nrGCx)

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