May 03, 2006

You're Fired

ABC cans "Commander-In-Chief".

The ratings were so bad they're not even going to show the final three episodes during May sweeps. Even in an April full of "ER" repeats, it went off the radar. In it's Thursday 10pm spot, ABC will air its newsmagazine "Primetime". The remaining new episodes will be played sometime during the summer, when no one is watching TV anyway.

Contrary to the Hollywood hand-wringing, I firmly believe America is ready for a female President. What they won't accept, however, is a Liberal bleeding-heart touchy-feely female President. The Left Coast will be mourning this one. No more President Allen. No more President Bartlet. Just two more years of Chimpy McBushitler. Even in the world of make-believe, they can't win. Heh.

More cowbell!!!

h/t: the Llama Butchers

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