September 21, 2005

Get "Lost" Tonight

Time for one of the very best shows on television to premiere. If you didn't watch last season, it's not too late. ABC willing be showing a one-hour "summary" special at 8pm EST that will bring anyone not familiar with the show up to speed enough to understand what's going on. The new episode is at 9pm, which is its new time slot.

OK, guys, still not convinced? Click the "read more" link for a better incentive... more...

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September 18, 2005

The New Fall TV Season: What I'll Be Watching...And Why

First off let me point out that having the opportunity to watch any television between changing poopie diapers, reading stories, helping with homework, performing various domestic chores and maintaining two blogs is a miracle unto itself. So if there is a particular show that I watch it's only because I really, really like it or my wife does and I love her enough to endure it so we can share the alone time together.

So there aren't that many to list. And please don't bother making suggestions for anything that doesn't appear below because though I have no doubt it's good, I just don't have the time. Thanks anyway.

Also keep in mind that any specific night and time of broadcast is irrelevant as I'm most likely going to tape it and watch it another time. more...

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September 09, 2005

Set your VCR's...

Arthur Chrenkoff alerts us to a documentary scheduled to be broadcast this Sunday - September 11 - on The Discovery Channel.

It's called "The Flight That Fought Back" and it focuses on Flight 93, which crashed into a Pennsylvania field on 9/11. Chrenkoff has seen a sneak peek and not only recommends it but testifies that it is a "must see".

You simply cannot miss it. I never type in capitals to make a point, but you can take it that I am now. Extensively researched and drawing on some previously unpublished information, "The Flight That Fought Back" provides the most complete and comprehensive recreation of events onboard Flight 93. It's a stunning, immensely moving production.

The film, part re-enactment, part interview with family members, fleshes out the stories of those ordinary men and women who had found themselves in a situation that was far from ordinary, and who performed, too, in a way that was far from ordinary. Those onboard were a cross-section of America - young and old, all races and walks of life, everymen and everywomen - they were America. The sadness at so many lives interrupted and so much potential destroyed can only be mixed with the admiration for the spirit of the 33 passengers and 7 crew members, and the hope that springs from their sacrifice.

Spread the word!

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