January 27, 2006

BSG Tonight!

10pm - Sci-Fi.

Watch it.

That's all I have time for. Miss it and it's your own loss.

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January 22, 2006

President To Be Removed From Office

That is, the President from the land of make-believe, Josiah Bartlett - aka lefty moonbat celebrity Martin Sheen.


Hey, when you're Hollywood and your political heroes disappoint you, you can always write a better story. Which is what happened seven seasons ago. In the wake of Bill Clinton's disgraceful second term, Liberal writers decided to huddle together and create for the viewing audience a vision of what the Clinton Presidency could have been.

It started off as a pretty popular show, but Americans eventually got tired of "The West Wing" and its ratings tanked. Now, NBC will be cutting this once-Emmy winning series from the line-up. Often referred to by Conservatives as "The Left Wing", the writers found they couldn't create Republican characters that weren't blatant stereotypes so they would often invite real-live Republicans in as consultants. Sometimes it worked. Most times it didn't.

The show apparently jumped the shark a while ago but you know that a series is on life support when it resorts to putting Janeane Garofalo in as a guest star.


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January 18, 2006

What I'm Watching Update (Mid-Season Review)

Back in September, I posted a list of TV shows I planned to watch this season and why.

Now that we've hit the mid-point, I thought I'd revist that post and grade them. Click "more" to read. more...

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January 13, 2006

BSG Tonight!

Part 2 of "Resurrection Ship", 10pm - Sci-fi.

Lt. Kara Thrace.jpg

Will Starbuck have the...ahem...cojones to blast Admiral Cain in the head? Personally, I think someone else will, first. And that person serves aboard the Pegasus.

Tune in!

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January 06, 2006

The Star Trek Manifesto

Here's a site where the guy makes a well-thought out and convincing argument that the "Federation" in the Star Trek universe (TNG and after) is essentially totalitarian in nature.

As Mr. Spock would say, "Fascinating".

Note: I'm angry at myself because when I stumbled upon it I had bookmarked it for reading later and forgot to note the referring source. If it's you, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to credit you! Apologies in advance.

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BSG Is Back!

The second half of Battlestar Galactica season two starts tonight! 10pm on Sci-Fi.

It's Galactica v. Pegasus - when Battlestars collide! And Number Six. Hmmmm...Hot Cylons.


UPDATE: By special request, one for the ladies: Lee "Apollo" Adama (played by Brit actor Jamie Bamber)


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