January 06, 2006

The Star Trek Manifesto

Here's a site where the guy makes a well-thought out and convincing argument that the "Federation" in the Star Trek universe (TNG and after) is essentially totalitarian in nature.

As Mr. Spock would say, "Fascinating".

Note: I'm angry at myself because when I stumbled upon it I had bookmarked it for reading later and forgot to note the referring source. If it's you, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to credit you! Apologies in advance.

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1 I've been telling my fellow Trekkie friends about this idea for years, and they have always looked at me like I was a loon! I'd love to see a book that would explore those who lived outside the Federation on Earth somewhere.

Posted by: Homero at January 07, 2006 02:56 AM (8C9ef)

2 I've been watching ST:TNG recently, and I'm amazed that I ever liked it. It's a reeking pile of leftist drivel from beginning to end.

Posted by: rightwingprof at January 07, 2006 08:35 AM (hj1Wx)

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