December 27, 2006

Set Your VCRs/DVRs Alert

This might be hard for some to find on their local cable systems because I have no idea how widespread the "Sundance Channel" is. But John Hinderaker from Powerline gives us a heads up that there will be a documentary called "Blog Wars" airing on that channel tomorrow (Thursday, the 28th). My cable system has it listed for 10pm but yours may be different so check

It's basically an account of the role that blogs played in the CT Senate race between Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman. The focus is the primary race and John says that it's presented in a fairly neutral way. This is the quote, however, that piqued my interest:

Others, no doubt, will draw different lessons from Blog Wars, but for me, the film was an expose of the liberal bloggers, who come across as vapid and remarkably vulgar. I repeatedly found myself wondering why on earth they had permitted Rogan to film a particular scene, or why, knowing that his camera was filming, they behaved as they did. I think part of the explanation is that James is such a nice, unthreatening guy that his subjects are somewhat disarmed.
I plan on DVRing it and after I watch it I'll post a review.

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