September 27, 2006

TO Almost ODs

Dallas police are reporting the Dallas Cowboys receiver, Terrell Owens, tried to off himself by swallowing a bunch of pills. Apparently, he was reportedly "depressed".

What is wrong with this idiot?

T.O. says that's B.S.

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September 18, 2006


The last time the Mets won their division I was still in college.

Mets Win.jpg

Damn! I feel old.

Congratulations, guys! On to October!!!!!

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September 13, 2006

An Historic Day In MLB

With last night's win over the Florida Marlins, the Mets have officially ended the era of the Atlanta Braves' dominance of the National League East Division.

The Braves are now OFFICIALLY eliminated from the pennant race.

Excuse me a moment...ahem...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!...OK, back to this post.

Matthew Cerrone of posts an open letter to Braves Manager Bobby Cox:

"I have spent most every minute of the last 12 years swearing and screaming your name, taunting your relief pitchers, mocking your batters, and praying for your bus to stall on its way to the stadium – and now that your journey is over, I find myself grateful for all of the emotions you exposed me to. You see, it takes a lot to dislike a team as much as I’ve disliked you – and, in some ways, you’ve made me the rabid fan that I am.

So, thank you, Bobby – and here’s to hoping you become as bitter towards me and the Mets over the next 14 years as we’ve become towards you and the Braves.

Have a happy and uneventful October, and weÂ’ll see you next April."

Mets fans, our long National (League) nightmare is officially over. Braves fans, you shove those styro-foam tomahawk chopper thingies right up your poop chutes (and let's hear that stupid chant while you do it).

*** Apologies to my relations in Norcross, GA who know I'm only teasing. ***

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September 10, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

Wk One Giants.jpg

The NFL has been frothing at the mouth over this one: the Manning Bowl.

Win or lose it should be a pretty good game.

Nothing like the first day of football season. Go GIANTS!!

UPDATE: 11:25pm
Colts 26
Giants 21

Aw, crap. Not to take anything away from the Colts. They're a playoff caliber team. But jeezus! Dropped picks. Missed field goal. Give the ball back right after an interception. Penalties left and right. Bogus offensive pass interference call.

The fact is that the Giants defense completely shut down the Indianapolis rush. They could have won this game if they had stayed focused and executed. They didn't.

If they do, then the Giants are a playoff caliber team. Let's hope this is an aberration. If they repeat this kind of performance again - with this schedule - they're in deep sh*t.

One other note on NBC's coverage. I hate the fact that they almost never show the play clock.

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September 07, 2006

Lovin' Every Minute Of It

The NY Mets magic number is now 8. Well on their way to de-throning the Atlanta Braves, the team is scheduled to play one more series in Turner Field starting Sept. 27th. The Mets will have wrapped up the division title long before then, however. It would have been interesting to have them clinch the division during that final run through Atlanta's house, well.

The NY Daily Post has an article that quotes Braves pitcher John Smoltz as saying "we're not a below-.500 team".

66-73? 20.5 games out of first?

Yes you are, Johnny. Yes, you most certainly are. Not easy to take, is it.

Have a nice winter.

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