August 01, 2006

Oh, I Almost Forgot To Mention...

How freakin' sweet it was to have the NY Mets lay a hurtin' on the Braves this past weekend to the tune of a series sweep at Turner Field - pushing those chumps back FIFTEEN games out of first. (queue Chris "Mad Dog" Russo voice: "Oh...Baby!)

The Bravos almost had a chance in the bottom of the ninth Sunday with newly-acquired Manny "eyeball" Aybar on first with one out and Marcus Giles wiffing strike three as Paul Lo Duca throws Aybar out stealing second. SMACK!!

The best take on that last play comes from the guys at Amazin' Avenue:

"The coup-de-grace, the strike 'em out throw 'em out to end the game on Sunday, couldn't have left Booby Cox any more humiliated than if he had been personally de-pantsed on the pitcher's mound by Mr. Met himself, forced to bend over, and been given an exaggerated, rodeo-style, hat-waving dry hump while a re-enactment of Sherman's March took place in center field."

It's a new era boys. Kudos to Omar Minaya for putting together such a fantastic team. Is it October yet?

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