December 31, 2005

Giants v. Raiders

UPDATE: 11:40pm




Well, this is it. Win here and the Giants take the division and lock up home field advantage for next week's playoff game. Lose and the Redskins can steal the division away and next week's game is on the road. And we all know how the Giants have been playing on the road.

And they're on the road here today. But the Oakland Raiders are 2-5 at home. Had the Giants gotten it done last week this game would not only have been meaningless but probably NO one outside of a die-hard NY fan would have bothered tuning in at 8pm on New Year's Eve. The Raiders fans will be watching (the ones that do, that is) at 5pm PST. They've got plenty of time for New Year's revelry.

But Giants fans are screwed. Watch the game and piss off the wife/girlfriend or run around with a transistor radio trying to catch the latest score. It's a no win for Giants fans.

But the Giants MUST win. Honestly, I care more about the division than anything else. The Giants can win a playoff game at home, but they won't advance very far - especially with their linebacker corps depleted with injuries. And even if they did, the AFC will own the championship this year.

Nope, I said it last week but I really mean it this time. NY needs to Git 'Er Done tonight. No excuses.

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December 24, 2005

Giants v. Redskins

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the Ex-Donkey gets a big old lump of coal in his stocking this Christmas as the 'Skins are a few minutes away from taking down the Giants on this balmy winter afternoon. I got back from taking the kids to see "Chicken Little" in time to watch the second half of this mess.

Now they HAVE to beat Oakland next week to win the division. And if they lose...

Well, if that means the Redskins could actually take the division title with a win at Philly. Yuck. I have "having" to win games especially in the last week of the season. It would have been nice not to be compelled to watch a football game at 8:00pm on New Year's Eve. The Mrs. ain't gonna be happy about that one.



Sealing the deal. That's what this game is all about. The Redskins have been on a roll as of late and their bitch-slapping of the Cowboys last Sunday has got them pumped. They need two more wins to sneak into the playoffs.

Of course, Dallas seemed to do everything they could to give the game away to Washington, much the way the 'Skins played when they went to Giants Stadium back at the end of October. Washington isn't as good as they looked last week but they're not as bad as they looked the last time they played the Giants.

And they'll be tough at home. Despite the strong play of New York they're listed as three point underdogs. Three points make sense. The Giants have played a lot of close games this season. But underdogs? That's really an insult and it should give Big Blue even more motivation to win the division today. Forget about Oakland next week. The season IS today. Let's do it.

Note: Unfortunately I will NOT be able to watch this game live. This isn't the most convenient of times, mind you. So later on I'll have to "go to the videotape".

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December 21, 2005

Five Giants Going To Pro Bowl

Congratulations to Tiki Barber, Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora, Jeremy Shockey and David Tyree!

Damn, I may just watch that stupid game now.

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December 17, 2005

Giants v. Chiefs

Congratulations to Tiki Barber for a single game performance of 29 touches for 220 yards. The best in the NFL and a record, too. The best in Giants franchise history!

Go 'Skins!!



OK, thanks Mr. Tagliabue. The next three weekends will feature Giants games on Saturday. Great. Today's is at 5:00pm, right around dinner time and right before the wife is going to want me to watch some lame movie on DVD that I managed to avoid when it was out in the theaters. You're all heart, dude.

Well, the Chiefs were on the verge of victory last week at Texas Stadium. And a stupid mistake on their part gave the Cowboys a chance to pull a victory out of their asses, which is exactly what they did. Dallas should have lost that game. And as a result you have a Cowboys team still nipping at the Giants' heels and a pissed off Kansas City team who's looking to bounce back this week at Giants Stadium.

Now the Chiefs are a good team, but four of their five losses have been on the road. They have a killer rushing attack at Arrowhead Stadium and it's not too shaby away from home either. But the Giants have a home edge here, being 6-1 at the Meadowlands (7-1 if you count the New Orleans game). Last week's game at Philly cost them dearly when they lost LB Antonio Pierce. If they're going to stop the Chiefs' running game it's going to be tougher without Pierce.

Now the Giants need to win two of the last three games to guaranty themselves a Division Title, and one of those wins needs to be against Washington next week. They can lose today and still win the division but they need to stay focused on today's game. The Chiefs are playing for a Wildcard spot in the AFC, and if they lose today they're in deep shit.

Thus far the Giants have met my expectations going into this season. Winning the division would be icing on the cake. Surviving the first round of the playoffs would be pretty sweet too. I have no doubt that New York will not make it far in the post-season. There are just too many better teams in the NFC. And the Colts will probably win it all. A Manning will likely get a Superbowl ring this season but it's not going to be Eli.

So here we go. It's nice to be actually playing for something this deep into December for a change.

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December 11, 2005

Giants V. Eagles

giants v. eagles.jpg

Now this SHOULD be a very satisfying game. The Giants hold on to first in the NFC East and they control their own destiny. They're playing a team that's banged up, missing all of its first string offensive weapons and whose season is over.

I know, I know. Nothing more dangerous than a team playing for its own pride. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. The Giants' defense should bat these guys around like a cat playing with a ball of yarn.

Historically, one of these two teams sweeps the series each season. Since 1986, only twice has the series been split - 1990 and 2002. The Giants beat the Eagles a few weeks ago. Despite this game being in Philly, they should have no problems beating them again.

First, however I have to perform a superhuman Christmas light mission outside. By the time I come in from the cold, I'll be ready to go. Kick-off at 4:00pm!

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December 06, 2005

It Must Be Tough To Be An Eagles Fan These Days

Especially when so many people have photoshop.

You'll see what I mean below the fold (NSFW!): more...

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December 04, 2005

This Is THE Game Of The Week


Simply put, this game WILL decide the NFC East. The winner advances to 8-4 with their destiny in their own hands. The loser drops to 7-5 and will struggle to fight for the wildcard.

It's lousy, snowy and miserable at the Meadowlands today. And if you believe this report, the Giants are up for this game. It's time to put up of shut up. So I'm either going to be a really happy camper this evening or a moody SOB. I can't even watch this game as I have a family holiday function to go to from 1pm to 4pm which I will spend chasing my kids around, making sure they're not getting into trouble. Taping it and watching it later is not an option as I've got too much to do when I get home.

Not to mention that I am sick as a dog this morning. No sooner did the wife and kids come home last night after I finished my part of the tree, when dear old Dad collapsed on the sofa, hacking and coughing and sweating up a fever. It was a tall NyQuil cocktail and bed for me and I woke up feeling no more rested that I was the night before.

So strap in, kids. It's going to be a helluva game. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak out to my car radio for enough updates to keep me sustained.

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