June 28, 2006

This Is Sooooo...Gay


soccer is gay.jpg

A little to "personal" for my tastes. Do they issue penalties for giving wedgies or is this just a cultural thing and I don't get it?

Do you think the guy even considered running around his opponent or was "straight through his crotch" his first instinct?

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June 26, 2006

World Cup Soccer - The Sport Of Wusses

Jonathan V. Last at The Weekly Standard explains why America will never embrace professional soccer (i.e. non-American "football"), the ceremonial "flop-'n'-bawl":

Turn on a World Cup game, and within 15 minutes you'll see a grown man fall to the ground, clutch his leg and writhe in agony after being tapped on the shoulder by an opposing player. Soccer players do this routinely in an attempt to get the referees to call foul. If the ref doesn't immediately bite, the player gets up and moves along.

Making a show of your physical vulnerability runs counter to every impulse in American sports. And pretending to be hurt simply compounds the outrage. Basketball has floppers, but the players who do it--like Bill Laimbeer, whose flopping skills helped the Detroit Pistons win two NBA championships--are widely vilified and, in any case, they're pretending to be fouled; they never pretend to be injured. When baseball players are hit by a pitch, the code of conduct dictates that they can walk it off, if they must, but by no means may they rub the point of impact. And pretending you're hurt? There's not even a rule against that--every red-blooded American baseball cheater knows nobody would ever do that.

Is it machismo? Is it stoicism? Are we suppressing the little girl inside all of us? Perhaps. But faking an injury to gain an advantage is just so...wussy.

Not to mention that a scroll through the most recent posts at "Caption This?" doesn't exactly reinforce a "manly" image of the sport.

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June 12, 2006

And In Other Sports News...

Somebody pinch me! The best record in the National League, and second best overall behind Detroit!


Over that last three months I've seen something in this team that transcends the talents of the individual players. And that is chemistry. It was chemistry that made all of those Yankee teams from 1995-2004 so dominant.

How far will it take these guys? It's too early to say, but it's going to be a fun playoff season. You can bet on that.

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Isn't It Cute?

The way the rest of the world gets all jacked up for this World Cup thing?


You'd think this was life and death or something.

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