October 18, 2005

When "Bush Derangement Syndrome" Just Won't Be Cured

Amusing and pathetic at the same time. As the media continue to plug polls that show Bush's approval rating sagging, the Left is grasping - desperately grasping - at the hope that this actually means something.

Here's a post at Uber-Left "MyDD" getting all giddy over some recent poll numbers, including the recent USAToday poll which has Bush at 39%.

I believe all six of these are record lows. You know Bush is really in trouble when Fox and Gallup aren't propping him up anymore. And forget the 40% floor--the new goal is 60% disapproval.

Beyond approval polls, perhpas the most interesting poll on Bush this month comes from the netroots. Led by After Dowing Street and Democrats.com, a group of netroots activists raised $10,000 and commissioned their own poll on impeachment from AP-Ipsos. In the poll 50% said that Congress should consider impeaching Bush if Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons to go to war with Iraq. Cool stuff and well done.

In the quote above, there are a bunch of links to propaganda at Democrats.com. The guy - distracted by his excitement - didn't even take the time to spellcheck the word "perhaps".

OK, folks. Let's review the reality one more time.

1) Bush isn't running for anything
2) Bush doesn't govern by polls

So unless the poster above is simply unable to comprehend these facts (which is entirely possible), there can only be one reason to be excited about this "cool stuff". The idea of - dum...dum...dummmmmmmm - impeachment. This is their hope. This is what they're hanging their hats on.

It goes something like this: "Bush is evil, vote for us - we're not him" followed by "Bush won? We didn't get our message out!" and then the realization of "Bush won again? What is our message anyway?". Now it's "Impeach Bush, at least we can make him look bad in the history books. We'll show him!".

And - OMG - a grassroots organization has actually raised a whole $10,000 to campaign for impeachment. Sounds to me like someone found a way to raise some easy money off a bunch of naive suckers. Don't they know it's not nice to take advantage of the mentally ill?

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