September 11, 2006

Democrat Denial And Delusion

For weeks before today, I had planned to put into words the sad state that the Democrat party is in as well as my own disgust at the way so many of them view our current war against Islamic Fascists. I thought perhaps today would have been an apt day to do so.

However, Confederate Yankee made a post today that expressed exactly what I was thinking but in a more eloquent manner than I ever could. Here I share a portion that really nails it.

"Five years later, American Democrats have more hate in their hearts for their own President than they do for the terrorists that killed almost 3,000 of their countrymen. They refuse to confront terrorism. Some would rather blame America and the world they think they understand, rather than face up to the fact that the world we all thought we knew was just an illusion. They are in catastrophic psychological denial, and cannot face the fact that "the other" they have spent their lives providing moral equivalence for were the ones who attacked our country.

It is so much easier to blame Bush than face the fact that we were attacked because we are the beacon of freedom for the world, and the greatest threat to radical Islam. It is so much easier to blame Bush, than realize that decades of denial led us to that horrific moment. If they can only blame Bush for that day—and every day since that their worldview has been shown to be vapid, self-serving, and a fraud—then their denial can go on, and "reality-based community" can continue to live in a world that has refuses to learn, to adapt, to change.

The Left refuses to learn from 9/11 and knows no way forward. It is why they grasp so insistently to the past, clinging to what was and what might have been, instead of moving forward to forcefully determine what should be and what must be done to secure our freedoms for the future. It is they that childishly insist for the "Perfect War" theory, stating a belief that any war not fought with perfect foresight and accuracy is wrong, while knowing securely no war has ever met their standard.

They show that they hate the present and don't understand the lessons of the recent past. They strive for stagnation and stasis and blaming ourselves, but they offer no hope for the future.

They blame Americans for radical Islamic plans for world domination. They vilify our troops instead of the terrorists they fight. They attack western governments fighting for freedom instead of eastern governments and the terrorists they sponsor that are fighting for oppression and destruction of our way of life.

The Left offers America and true liberalism a death sentence, seeking to repeat the failed policies of 30 years in denial.

We will not listen to them again.

That, perhaps, is their greatest fear of all."

And these are the stakes heading into November 7th.

Read the whole post here.

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September 05, 2006

Anti-Semitism Rife At's Web Forum

The NY Post reports this morning about how the forum portion of's website is riddled with Jewish slurs against CT Senator Joe Lieberman.

"We recognize that Action Forum is an open forum intended to foster the free flow of ideas," ADL head Abraham Foxman said in a letter dated Aug. 31 to MoveOn, which supported Lamont in the Democratic primary against Lieberman.

"Nevertheless, since such profoundly offensive content is appearing on a board clearly linked to, we believe you should assume some responsibility to respond to this hateful content," Foxman wrote in the letter, which was forwarded by Lieberman's campaign.

Foxman cited examples from the site's Action Forum, including "media owning Jewish pigs," "Zionazis," a reference to the senator as "Jew Lieberman" and the question, "Why are the Jews so Jew-y?"

Foxman wrote, "Those who allow hate to rear its ugly head under their auspices bear a special responsibility to distance themselves from that hate, and to speak out against it, as loudly as possible."'s executive director, Eli Pariser, was...ahem...unavailable for comment, though he did post a statement distancing himself from the forum users.

If Pariser is serious that he disapproves of these offensive comments, will he delete them? Imagine the howling on the Left over that one. Cries of "censorship" would reverberate throughout the blogosphere.

Anti-Semitism has been a major component of the the Leftist nutroots for some time. Just browse through the comments on any given post at some of the more prominent Lefty blog sites (don't even get me started on Dummycratic But is a 527 organization that funnels big bucks to Democrats.

Democrat Senate candidate Ned Lamont owes the bulk of his success to their efforts.

Now, wither Ned? Will he make a statement denouncing the content on the site? It would be tough. After all, so many of his supporters like to push these neocon conspiracy theories ("it's the Jooos!!"). And when confronted by a racist photoshopped pic of Joe Lieberman in blackface that was created by Jane ( Hamsher last month, Lamont's response was "Blogs? What Blogs?".

Lamont's opponents should not let up on this one.

Read excellent commentary from The Moose here.

More on this abhorrent phenomena at FrontPage Magazine.

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September 03, 2006

A human waste of citizenship

Curt has a video up that has got to be seen to be believed, as well as some excremental garbage coming from the mouths of the DUmmies on the upcoming 9/11 anniversary. I don't normally call people on the Left whom I disagree with unpatriotic, and I'm very careful about making that charge. But I have no problem calling these idiots unpatriotic; and I would find it baffling if they disagreed and waxed indignant at the charge. If they have no shame in much of the filth they espouse to believe in, then they are what they are: unpatriotic and vile waste of citizenship status.

Curt's been updating his post. Apparently, Superman1969's video was flagged as inappropriate and it was removed. Go check out his reaction. I posted it in the comment section.

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