January 15, 2006

This Is Amusing

Kate O'Beirne of National Review has a new book out that's driving the moonbats to new levels of hysteria.

Now, when I see a book come out that has a premise that I deem ridiculous, I accept it for what it is. Crap. And then I move on. There are plenty of Left-wing screeds on the NY Times bestseller list that Liberals run right out and buy because they tell them what they want to hear. It's a free market, but if the book really is crap only the moonbats will buy it.

Well, the Left is so apoplectic about O'Beirne's book that they've hopped on over to Amazon.com in droves and driven down the "rating" to 1.5 stars. And they see this is as some kind of victory for their side. As if someone who actually reads the reviews wouldn't figure out from the psychotic blathering that these people would hate the book no matter what. Here's one Lefty site that's positively giddy over these tactics:

Nice to know we drew blood. Because, you see, it isn't about winning some sort of ultimate triumph, it's about making them fight for every inch.
Drew blood? Really? Gee Whiz, how will Ms. O'Beirne ever recover? To look at this as some kind of guerrilla warfare that wounds Conservatism is pretty childish. And here I thought it was about competing ideas, not doing whatever you can to try and make sure opposing ideas never see the light of day.

I haven't read O'Beirne's book (but then I'm sure neither have any of these moonbats). But it seems to me that the book should speak for itself. If it's full of lies and distortions that fly in the face of reality, won't that come through? Ah, but for moonbats, the writings of Conservatives seem to have this magical ability to put a spell over the American "sheeple", as Liberals would call them. The idea that the average person has the ability to think critically and make up their own mind can't penetrate their elitist mindset.

And so, just as Nazis burned books that they deemed a threat to their ideology, Liberals use these kind of petty tactics that reek of the very kind of fascism that they like to ascribe to American Conservatives. If this is what they have to resort to, they're in sadder shape that I thought.

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1 From Austin Bay characterizing Kennedy: "With both men there seems at times to be a disconnect from any view that calls their opinions into question. ItÂ’s like a form of willful denial." Does this not describe the views of those falsely driving down O'Beirne's ratings? Crushing of dissent, anyone? http://austinbay.net/blog/

Posted by: T. Marcell at January 15, 2006 10:37 PM (n6My/)

2 When I read leftist moonbat comments about a conservative book on Amazon, I'm more likely to buy it.

Posted by: Barry Johnson at January 16, 2006 06:22 AM (mj4Qa)

3 Sounds similar to that juvenile, way-too-much-time-on-their-hands act of google bombing, where they made it so when you google "miserable failure", the first site it ranks will be George W. Bush's White House biography profile.

Posted by: Wordsmith at January 16, 2006 12:45 PM (nrGCx)

4 The torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib has shocked the country. But an equally important revelation comes from the same Red Cross report that originally detailed the abuses: Some 70 percent to 90 percent of the people detained by the military, the Red Cross estimated, were innocent of any wrongdoing. They were simply swept up in the passion of war.

Posted by: kyle foley at January 16, 2006 04:52 PM (8Ag0m)

5 I can't believe I'm responding to this waste of my bandwidth. 1) Waaaaaaay off topic, guy 2) panties on the head doesn't equate to torture 3) have these turds spend a few hours from Jack Bauer of "24" and they'll be begging for the panties back 4) if "swept up in the passion of war" means they broke any laws, that justifies arrest. 5) unless you link some evidence regarding the "70 percent to 90 percent...were innocent" claim, that's all it is. A claim. Pardon my skepticism but I can make claims too. Did you know that Dick Cheney is so bad-ass that he once killed a man for dreaming about snoring...with his penis? sorry, don't have a link for that. You'll have to take my (and Dick's) word for it.

Posted by: Gary at January 16, 2006 08:19 PM (of6fh)

6 I thought I'd heard that bogus statistic before. It comes from an Al Gore speech in May of '04 - which has since been debunked: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/006781.php The IRC never conducted any investigation on Abu Graib and it never made such claims. Nor do those figures refer to Abu Graib prison. It's a second-hand rumor started about Iraqis arrested during U.S. operations in Iraq and remains unsubstantiated. I'm sure there'll be many more bogus "quotable" from Al's MLK Day rant for MoveOn.org yesterday.

Posted by: Gary at January 17, 2006 03:42 PM (QoxB+)

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