November 16, 2006

The Left's Iraq Obsession

Having watched the House Majority Leader race over the last couple of days, I've come to one definite conclusion about the Left: unless every single soldier is withdrawn from Iraqi soil by the time George W. Bush leaves office they will not consider this last election a success.

Forget about Nancy Pelosi's other agenda items, it's Iraq or nothing. This is why even a bumbling, ethically-challenged doofus like Jack Murtha has so much support among the nutroots. It's his one big issue: Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. Nothing else matters. Get us out and get us out now. With no consideration of the consequences.

Why? It's the BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). The moonbats know that impeachment isn't a realistic option. They know that the President will leave office in January, 2009 - right on schedule. That's two complete terms. They're only hope in satisfying their Bush hatred is to force the U.S. to completely withdraw before that fateful day so they can "tarnish" his legacy. Forget about leaving the Iraqi people in the lurch. Forget about letting a fledgling democracy turn into a new terrorist state. Forget about the sacrifices our brave men and women in uniform have made over the last three plus years. To them, their lives are unimportant anyway.

We must fail. Which means Bush fails. And if Bush fails, these ass-clowns can finally get their jollies and a feeling of self-worth, like they made a difference. This is as close to "bringing down" a President that they despise as they can get. And revenge against Joe Lieberman would be the icing on the cake. It's all they can think about.

It's not about governing. Even their most cherished "progressive" ideas will take a backseat to this all-encompassing obsession if they get their way.

It's really breath-taking when you think about it, to be so consumed with this bitter bile that everything else can go by the wayside.

Ugh. What a pathetic way to be.

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