June 09, 2006

So Predictable

Yesterday, I posted about the three different courses that Lefty reaction would take on news of the whacking of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. I gave an immediate example of #3 "retreat and defeat" and the moonbats did not disappoint on the other two (each comment is from a thread on the HuffPost):

1) It don't mean nuthin'. We're still no more successful in Iraq with Al-Zarqawi dead (denial)

From "Hattor":

"Sad day for the Spin Masters of the Neocons warmonger. Because they need War an Dead for can make more Money they need a new boogey Man."
From "helonias":
"The good news is al-Zarqawi is dead. The bad news is can we trust that this as truthful information, coming from Bushco."
2) Sure, Al-Zarqawi's dead, but how many innocent Iraqis have died in the process. All this means is that there'll be another Al-Zarqawi to take his place (sour grapes)

From "confused":

"Once again, we've killed those who kill to stop the killing? And how many 500 pound bombs did it take? How many innocents died along with Zarqawi? Sorry, no celebration here--only fear of a "retaliation", more hate, more discension, more of our own dead and more others dead and less and less civilization. The US will keep up the killing to stop the killing which will never stop as long as the Neo Con Global Cowboy/Pirate Criminals are in office."
From "SatanLivesinUSA":
"The US f*cking military can put up any f*cking bullshit headline they want. There will be lots of litte Zarqawis to follow."
There are plenty more put together by RightWingNews, but you get the point. These Left-wing kooks are like automatons. Wind them up, and off they go with their paranoid rants. They must have had a particularly tough day yesterday.


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1 It's actually scary that these people have the reation to this that they do. Next thing you'll hear they'll be sporting "Save Osama" t-shirts.

Posted by: Jenn at June 09, 2006 10:10 AM (QD9ey)

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