October 27, 2005

Saint Cindy Arrested...Again

I love this woman. I know a lot of people are sick to death of her, and it's unfortunate that her antics are no doubt a source of pain for the families of the fallen. But, can she be any more of a joke at this point?

Political Pit Bull has some first hand observations about her latest publicity stunt - with photos. Too bad she didn't actually tie herself to the White House gates. That would have been a nice touch. Even the media aren't "championing" her anymore. They cover her like the oddity she has become - like a nine-car pileup on I-95 or an overturned tractor trailer.

And I'm sure I'll get lots of happy emails and comments from the deranged Left who are still trying to convince themselves that she's still just a "grieving mom". Let them keep their delusions, because it's their enthusiastic support that continues to egg her on. I can't wait for her latest entry on the land whale's website.

In fact, I think it's time she takes it to the next level. Maybe she can stand in front of the White House and hold her breath until she turns blue. Imagine the A/P photos!

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1 I suppose that the AP would alter her photo like that of Rice. Need to photo-shop in the tear trails.

Posted by: mdmhvonpa at October 27, 2005 01:40 PM (6x1mQ)

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