January 29, 2006

Lefty Fever-Swamp In "War-Room" Mode

Despite the handwriting on the wall that a filibuster attempt is doomed, the Mos Eisley of the Angry Left (as James Taranto refers to DailyKos) is all a buzz trying to rally their 3 or 4 million minions to contact Senators who they wishfully consider to be "wobbly" on the filibuster and put the pressure on.

And the strategy was laid out on a conference call to Lefty bloggers by Tailspin Teddy and John Francois Kerry.

But even the Uber-Liberal Boston Globe has conceded defeat, reporting that "the best Kerry and Kennedy can hope for is to persuade 25 or 30 Democrats to sign on." These folks would have made terrific Kamikaze pilots.

California Yankees comments on RedState: "[Harry] Reid said he would support Kerry's filibuster 'to at least send a message.' Sadly, the message is that the Democrats are obstructionist sore losers." But just for shits 'n giggles he's keeping a pretty detailed tally as the events unfold.

The cloture vote is scheduled for tomorrow at 5:30pm, after which the confirmation vote for Sam Alito will take place on Tuesday around 11:30am. I plan on checking in every once in a while to watch the circus, but unless anything particularly interesting happens following this moment to moment makes as much sense as watching a round of the PGA tour on TV. Zzzzzzzzz.

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