December 08, 2006

Is The Moonbat Brigade Going Soft On Bush?

I suppose the Democrat takeover of Congress has dealt a healthy dose of realism to the unhinged Left, but some of them seem to be actually...I don't know...mellowing? Remember that the one dream that united all the Bush-hating rutroots was impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.

Chris Bowers at yesterday:

Do I think that Bush has committed impeachable offensives? Probably. However, I would rather pursue a course of legislative action that would keep our caucus close to united, help large numbers of actual Americans, have a legitimate chance of passing both branches of Congress, conduct actual investigations and oversight and, if those investigations prove worthy, close by censuring Bush. I think is the appropriate and responsible way to act, a way that will help people, tarnish Bush, keep us popular, and keep our majorities. That is why you won't see me pushing for Bush's impeachment on this blog, or anywhere else, over the next two years.
Certainly there's dissent among the ranks when you read through the comments that follow. But other than possible censure based on investigations, Bowers is essentially "cutting and running" from his previous support for getting Bush at all costs.

Interesting. When finally presented with a chance of Democrats exercising power, some in the nutroots may be succumbing to the fear of losing it. The big question is: will the ground troops who have invested so much of themselves into this effort buy it? Most of them have never been all that concerned with what was the "appropriate and responsible way to act." We shall see.

In any case, it will definitely be fun to watch.

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