September 20, 2005

Intoxicated By Her Own Notoriety, Cindy Turns Her Guns On Hillary

Not content be an obsure footnote in history, Cindy Sheehan has turned the pressure up on the NY Senator to appease the anti-war Left.

War protester Cindy Sheehan came to New York last night with a blunt warning for Senator Clinton: End your support for the war in Iraq or else.

Visiting New York City for the first time since leaving her campsite outside President Bush's vacation ranch in Crawford, Texas, Ms. Sheehan told a packed audience in a Brooklyn church that Mrs. Clinton "knows the war is a lie" but because of her political ambitions refuses to voice any opposition.

This will definitely put a crimp in Hillary's current foreign policy kabuki-dance aimed at fooling enough moderate voters into thinking she can be trusted with America's security. The Kos crowd is watching closely, as are the and Soros-funded "America Coming Together" groups.

Will Sheehan demand a "sit-down" with Sen. Clinton as well? Only if the journalists are there. And they have to much of an interest in her success to do that.

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