October 10, 2005

Happy Columbus Day!

That crazy Eye-talian explorer! Did you know he has a legacy "steeped in blood, violence and death", not to mention "cultural imperialism"?

Here's a site put up by a Colorado-based group of Left-wing loons, The Tranform Columbus Day Alliance, to repeal recognition of this wonderful municipal holiday and "build a better future for all of our children". How they intend to accomplish the later isn't all that clear.

Hey, Christopher Columbus should be honored as a hero. If it weren't for him you'd still have Indians foraging off this resource-rich continent and hogging it all for themselves. Instead you have an economic powerhouse that produces more food, more advanced medicine, more technology - not to mention foreign aid - for other parts of the world that would otherwise be starving, sick and living in poverty.

Why do these moonbats have to be so damn selfish?

h/t: LMC posted at Llama Butchers

UPDATE: James S. Robbins has a more "serious" defense of Columbus here - not that I'm not serious about my own comments, mind you.

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