December 05, 2005

Ron Silver Coins A Phrase

In an interview published in the NY Times, actor Ron Silver was asked about his current beef with the Democrat Party. He said:

"The Democratic Party is becoming the tool of an extreme domestic leftist insurgency led by the Michael Moores and the Cindy Sheehans and other neoreactionary, neoisolationist Americans."

Neoreactionary. I like that. Nowadays, you hear a lot about Neoconservatives (or NeoCons). But this is particularly applicable, because Democrats are the new reactionaries. They're against everything, they say "no" to everything (except defeat) and they fight vigorously to block any kind of reform. In the old days, conservatives were considered to be reactionaries.

Interesting how things change. How would we abbreviate that? NeoWrecks, maybe?

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