September 26, 2005

Would You Believe...He Was 82?


Get Smart's Don Adams died today of a lung infection. Adams' portrayal of Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, was a real treat to watch in reruns when I was a kid. The show, created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, was a great lampoon on the whole secret agent/James Bond genre and it was one of a kind.

R.I.P. Don

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September 23, 2005

OK, so they're real


It's official. Of course, they could be full of Budweiser for all the good it does me.

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September 12, 2005

I'll never be able to watch "The Princess Bride" the same way again...

Princess Buttercup recently unleashed some gratuitous F-bombs for the benefit of the press. Angered by recent critics of her husband Sean Penn's recent jaunt to New Orleans, she let 'er rip:

"To them, I say 'F--k you!'" Robin Wright Penn told me yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she was hawking a very peculiar indie movie, "Sorry, Haters," in which she stars as a deranged but beautiful rap video channel employee who's seeking post-9/11 vengeance against a Syrian taxi driver.

"I think it's f-----g pathetic to be belittling him," Wright Penn raged - a blond, blue-eyed lioness protecting her mate.

Reportedly, her PR guy pulled her aside and said "I would not say such things if I were you" after which he sent her off with a six-fingered man to the Pit of Despair.

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September 07, 2005

Jane no longer Fond-a the idea of an anti-war bus tour...

Roger Friedman of FoxNews is reporting that Hanoi Jane is deciding against following through on her plans to conduct an anti-war tour in a vegetable-oil fueled bus next March.

Her reasoning? She doesn't want to distract from the upcoming Cindy Sheehan anti-war bus tour. Umm...yeah, right. More likely she's decided that Sheehan's lack of popular success (outside of moonbat circles) is an indication of the negative effect such a tour might have on her future career plans.

She had a moderate success recently with the film "Monster-In-Law", but that was before she began reverting to her treasonous ways. If she expects any similar successes, she'd best keep her trap shut. Fonda says her agents are currently looking at scripts for a new film.

Of course, she's still going to appear with British Quisling George Galloway in two weeks. Maybe no one will notice.

For the whole lowdown on Jane Fonda's long history of anti-American and pro-Communist activities (most of which the average person doesn't know about), I suggest you get a cup of coffee and go here. It's not pretty.

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September 02, 2005

You can't trust America's TV news, says Clooney...

Interesting headline, huh? Lefty actor/director George Clooney tells the British News/Telegraph that television news in the U.S. should be viewed with a critical eye - something Conservatives have said for...well for as long as there's been television.

What's this? Has Clooney stopped drinking the kool-aid? It can't be!

It isn't. Here's the actual quote:

Now, with the onset of cable television and "130 different channels", the quality of news was "fractured", with each network, like Fox, playing to audiences with "specific belief patterns".
Ah, so it's the evil Fox News Channel you see. Of course I'll bet Clooney had no problem with tv news back in the days when there was only CNN.

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