September 12, 2005

I'll never be able to watch "The Princess Bride" the same way again...

Princess Buttercup recently unleashed some gratuitous F-bombs for the benefit of the press. Angered by recent critics of her husband Sean Penn's recent jaunt to New Orleans, she let 'er rip:

"To them, I say 'F--k you!'" Robin Wright Penn told me yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she was hawking a very peculiar indie movie, "Sorry, Haters," in which she stars as a deranged but beautiful rap video channel employee who's seeking post-9/11 vengeance against a Syrian taxi driver.

"I think it's f-----g pathetic to be belittling him," Wright Penn raged - a blond, blue-eyed lioness protecting her mate.

Reportedly, her PR guy pulled her aside and said "I would not say such things if I were you" after which he sent her off with a six-fingered man to the Pit of Despair.

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1 Run, Forrest, RUN!

Posted by: GroovyVic at September 12, 2005 03:24 PM (FSA38)

2 Not to fifty!!

Posted by: reverse_vampyr at September 14, 2005 06:57 PM (Ns5kk)

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