August 10, 2006

The Ex-Donkey "Goes Dark"

Eighteen months ago, I started a little site on Blogger that became a daily distraction from the routine and the mundane. Almost one year ago, I moved the blog over to the world of MuNu and the site got a much-needed makeover.

Maintaining this blog has become a labor of love but in order to continue it with the same level of vigor and enthusiasm I need a much-deserved vacation. More than a vacation, I need a break. So I'm taking one. As they say on my favorite show, "24", I am "going dark" - severing all communication for several weeks.

To be clear (to those who like to speculate about such things) I am NOT entering a rehab program, checking myself into a mental health clinic, going under the knife for plastic surgery, being given a new identity through the witness relocation program or any such other odd venture. I'm just taking some time off to recharge my batteries and maybe do a few things that I've been meaning to do for some time.

Fortunately, however, I have five guest bloggers who have graciously agreed to jointly take the conn in my absence (and help keep the site from plummeting to the bowels of the TTLB Ecosystem). Enjoy their stuff.

Everyone have a great August, and I'll see you all again on the other side of Labor Day! Ciao!

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