April 22, 2006

Netflix Screwed Me

For as long as I've been a member of Netflix, I haven't had many complaints. In fact, no real complaints. I was a little miffed when they jumped over the next title on my queue once and sent me the one after that. Hey, I understand. Distribution can be complicated.

But recently they did the unthinkable. On Wednesday I received notification that Disc Six of the season of "24" that I am watching was being sent with an anticipated arrival of Thursday. Well, it's Saturday and no disc. I can't even report it as "missing" until Monday. We're talking the last four episodes of an intense story arc.

Luckily, I have a Blockbuster down the road and I can go pick up a copy there. Tonight is "date night" with the wife so I won't be watching them until tomorrow.

But anyone who is a fan of the show understands how pissed off I am. Grrrrr.

UPDATE 4/24/06 9:15am:
Although, I'm still a little annoyed with both NetFlix and the USPS there is a silver lining: Blockbuster includes the bonus material disc with its Disc 6. So I got that going for me...which is nice.

And once again, "24" throws in more curveballs at the last minute than an MLB closer. I've heard a couple of people say the Second Season was their favorite. I can see why. Awesome. Queue up Season Three!

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April 17, 2006

Where's Gary?

Hmm. Not like me to go a whole weekend without a single post, I know.

No, I've not been cloistered away pouring through my tax return. It's been more like a perfect storm of real life events hitting at once. First, I had a funeral to attend - my second in two months - only this time in my family. My aunt died last week after a long bout with emphysema.

Then you've got the whole load-up-the-entire-clan-in-the-van thing for Easter, heading down to grandma's house for the holiday. Throw in some minor plumbing problems and an inability to pull myself away from the one Mets game that actually gets televised on my $%&#^! cable system and you've got a PC that sits idle for two days.

On that last item, I'm obviously giddy with anticipation tonight as the Braves come limping into Shea. I've been waiting for this one for a long time.

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April 05, 2006

From Father To Son


It was exactly ten years ago that I first cradled you in the crook of my arm. It was 5:30am on a gray April morning. Out of the hospital window I could see a light snowfall and the chill of winter seemed to be desperately holding off the changing of the seasons. But for me, it was the real first day of spring. After a sleepless night of waiting for you to come into the world, you finally arrived.

I held your mother’s hand for most of those early morning hours; reassuring her that everything would be all right. And I knew it would be, except for the thirty seconds or so when I saw the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck and I forgot how to exhale. But the doctor deftly slipped it back over your head and it wasn’t long before you were as pink and perfect as a newborn baby should be – 7lbs, 1oz. Your “official” time of birth was 5:18. The irony that 5-18 is my own birthday was not lost on me.

I rocked slowly back and forth in a rocking chair that the nurses brought to us as mom slept beside me in her hospital bed. I was exhausted and relieved at the same time. It wasnÂ’t long before I noticed a few tears of joy running down my cheeks as I looked into your little face. At that moment there was just the three of us and no one else existed. It was so quiet I could almost hear my own heart beating. That birthing room, so peaceful with the lights dimmed, was like a transport taking me to a world larger than the one that existed before I walked into that hospital - the world of a parent.

From that moment, everything changed. In ten years, I’ve tried to experience my life through your eyes. And many times, despite all the moments of frustration, anxiety and even anger, I’ve come to be reminded just how special a world this is. I laughed when you laughed, I hurt when you hurt and, so often when everything seemed to me to be so complicated, you helped give me perspective. You have before you a gift; a life to live with hopefully a long time to enjoy it. But I have been given a wonderful gift as well – the opportunity to be your father.

Happy birthday, son.

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