July 21, 2006

Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" A Winner

According to Cal Thomas, the Castro-hugging filmmaker actually got this one right. Not only is it not an anti-American screed, Thomas (no Liberal, he) contends that it's right up there on his list of favorite patriotic movies.

There is another element to this film that should be recognized and applauded. It is the overwhelming number of men and women of differing ethnicities in police and fire department uniforms who were so much a part of the good that shone forth through evil on that terrible day. At a time when we are engaged in a battle over illegal immigrants and the future of American culture, it should be encouraging to see so many who recently came from elsewhere behave like most Americans think real Americans should behave. They did, because they are real Americans.
It's refreshing to see a high-profile director like Stone celebrating what's good about America the way it is rather than what he thinks it should be.

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1 Okay, but did Stone REALLY have to cast Nicolas Cage? Blech, puck, ugh... Maaayybe he'll be good in it, but - I dunno, I just get sick of his accent and...him altogether.

Posted by: Georgia Girl at July 22, 2006 09:16 PM (EvFfn)

2 That was supposed to say, "puke," not "puck." I don't know what got into me. Or rather, which of my five beers tonight made that happen. Sorry, Gary: beer, not wine. Unless you'd like to recommend a nice chardonnay...

Posted by: Georgia Girl at July 22, 2006 09:17 PM (EvFfn)

3 Georgia, There could have been a worse choice of casting.. GEORGE CLOONEY :shock: or ALEC BALDWIN :shock:

Posted by: Skye at July 24, 2006 12:27 PM (CcHH9)

4 Ha! Skye, it is frightening how on target you are with how totally awful those choices would have been. Clooney or Baldwin! Uggghhhh. They are two of the actors I hate most in Hollywood!!! (And not just because of their politics! ...Okay, mostly because of their politics...) All I can say is DOUBLE BLECH, DOUBLE PUKE, AND DOUBLE UGH! Ick! Yucky! I'll take Nic Cage, okay? I'll take Nic Cage and I'll be happy about it!!! :wink:

Posted by: Georgia Girl at July 25, 2006 10:26 PM (EvFfn)

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