November 28, 2005

Film Saluting "Deuce Four" Is A Go...

David of gives the lowdown of a film inspired by the writings of blogger Michael Yon that will portray the heroism of U.S. Soldiers in Iraq. And it will star my favorite Action Movie actor, Bruce Willis.

The film will depict the exploits of the heavily-decorated Deuce Four (1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Division) in Mosul. Willis will play Lieutenant-Colonel Erik Kurilla. Michael Yon's post of the homecoming banquet for these soldiers is here. Willis, who was in attendance at the ball, gave a speech praising the work of our military and expressed frustration at the negative way Hollywood usually presents them.

It's great to see guys like Bruce Willis using their box-office clout to help bring a film like this to fruition.

h/t: Ace

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