May 23, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Watch

We have a website new to the blogroll focused on shadowing America's favorite media whore.

Hey, somebody has to do it.

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May 09, 2006

I Can Feeeeeel Your Anger

WaPo columnist Richard Cohen dared express an opinion that Stephen Colbert was not funny at the White House correspondent's dinner and the Lefty fever swamp overflowed with bile - filling his email inbox with raw sewage.

Cohen, a Liberal, recognizes this seething anger from the Left. It seems all too familiar to him:

"This spells trouble -- not for Bush or, in 2008, the next GOP presidential candidate, but for Democrats. The anger festering on the Democratic left will be taken out on the Democratic middle. (Watch out, Hillary!) I have seen this anger before -- back in the Vietnam War era. That's when the antiwar wing of the Democratic Party helped elect Richard Nixon. In this way, they managed to prolong the very war they so hated.

The hatred is back. I know it's only words now appearing on my computer screen, but the words are so angry, so roiled with rage, that they are the functional equivalent of rocks once so furiously hurled during antiwar demonstrations. I can appreciate some of it. Institution after institution failed America -- the presidency, Congress and the press. They all endorsed a war to rid Iraq of what it did not have. Now, though, that gullibility is being matched by war critics who are so hyped on their own sanctimony that they will obliterate distinctions, punishing their friends for apostasy and, by so doing, aiding their enemies. If that's going to be the case, then Iraq is a war its critics will lose twice -- once because they couldn't stop it and once more at the polls."

Yes. Use your aggressive feelings. Let the hate flow through you. It is unavoidable. It is your destiny. You will pay the price for your lack of vision.

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April 04, 2006

Feeling The Hate

I've often marvelled at the deep intensity of the anger and hate that the Left so often directs towards President Bush, Republicans in general and anything with a hint of Conservatism.

Back in the '90's, when I was a registered Democrat, I encountered my share of "Clinton Haters" such as they were. But "hater" doesn't accurately describe what I saw and heard. I think "disdain" would be more on the money. Maybe the worst I experienced could be called "personal disgust". The "Clinton Lied" meme was based on the theory that he was guilty of "waging the dog" by lobbing cruise missiles into Afghanistan and Sudan to deflect attention from his personal scandals. But then, one of his former handlers, Dick Morris, has confirmed this was actually the case. And lest we forget he did admit to lying to a grand jury. Which of course the anti-Bush crowd turned into their mantra "Clinton Lied, Nobody Died" - it was all just about sex, don't you know? What's the big deal?

But (aside from some regulars on the "Freeper" boards) the antipathy of the so-called "Clinton Haters" never rose to anywhere near the level of intensity demonstrated by today's Left on a daily basis. It's ironic that the 527 entity that was created to defend Clinton during his impeachment - "" - has now morphed into an attack machine against Bush and his party. And for some people, "Bush-bashing" has become a career. I've often wondered why this is so. Why is the Left so damn angry and bitter and filled with gob-smacking bile toward the Right?

Dennis Prager looks at this phenomenon is his column today at The answer, states Prager, comes from the moral superiority that Liberals (particularly the extreme Left) feel towards anyone who disagrees with them.

As Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic Party, said on national TV, "Our moral values, in contradiction to the Republicans', is we don't think kids ought to go to bed hungry at night." Republicans don't care about starving children. Liberals deem conservatives to be racist, homophobic, war mongering, money worshipping and sexist. It makes perfect sense to hate such people. I would, too.

The converse is not true. Conservatives tend to view liberals as immature and foolish. But childish adults and fools don't merit the hatred that racists do. And the liberal charge that conservatives generally label war critics "traitors" is pure fabrication.

Liberals may counter that conservatives hated President Bill Clinton. But that hatred has been more than matched by liberals' hatred for George W. Bush. And more to the point, Bill Clinton is one individual. Liberals hate virtually all conservatives with the same intensity that many conservatives hated one man named Bill Clinton.

There are conservative examples of such hatred. But they are much more rare. I am comparing the typical passionate liberal with the equally passionate conservative.

So what happens when Bush leaves office in January 2009? Does the anti-Bush feeling go away? I don't think so. The Left will continue to attack the President long after he's retired to his ranch in Crawford, TX. And the next target will be whomever is considered the top ranking Republican - whether he (or she) is in the White House or not.

But if Democrats and Liberals are serious about getting back in power they first need to recognize that people who take the time to exercise their right to vote do so more often than not to vote FOR something rather than AGAINST something. If they don't give the electorate something to vote for, their chances of success aren't good. More likely the average swing voter will wonder what I'm wondering: What exactly is wrong with these people?

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March 22, 2006

Left-Wing Bile

Ouch, the Liberal blogosphere has gone completely nuts at the very idea that the WaPo online would dare to give a blog column to a Conservative writer.

Jane Hamsher, the woman who produced the ever-so tasteful psychotic murder-fest, "Natural Born Killers", has a post up on her blog, firedoglake, that goes on a complete rampage.

She lashes out at the new blog's author, Ben Domenech (though she spells it Domanech), with such lovely invectives as "thick-witted, mouth breathing home schooled freak" and a "jingoistic feces flinger" from the "Red State racist woodpile". And as if personal attacks aren't enough, she also gets herself all excited about an apparent hit-job in the works by Liberal bloggers to attack Domenech's credibility in whatever way they can.

"Already the hunt is on to extract every stupid thing he’s ever said, every soupçon of doltish ignorance for which he has ever claimed authorship to be collected and disseminated throughout the blogosphere and beyond."
Seems to me she may have yet another cinematic turd in the works: "Natural Born Character-Assassins".

What is wrong with these people? They're so threatened by diversity of opinion that their knee-jerk reaction is to lash-out like this? And they wonder why we call them "moonbats".

UPDATE 3/24/06 3:45pm:
While I obviously find the personal attacks on Domenech reprehensible and tasteless, it looks like he has committed the cardinal sin of writing (much less blogging) in his younger days: plagiarism. Whether it's Jayson Blair at the NYTimes or Ben Domenech at the Washington Post, this offense is unforgivable and therefore he must be banished to the Phantom Zone.

As such, Domenech has resigned from the WaPo online. The Left, in their...ahem...overzealousness, has actually done Conservatives a favor in uncovering this matter sooner rather than later. It would have been much worse had Domenech continued to write for weeks, even months, building a loyal following only to have his plagiarism become an even bigger deal. Thanks guys.

The Post looks pretty stupid now. The best way for them to recover their credibility would be to hire another Conservative blogger - after fully vetting him or her - and show that they are still committed to a diversity of opinion on their editorial staff. Whomever it is, however, had better have a thick skin. Because fringe Liberals have shown how thin their skin is - preferring to attack those who disagree with them rather than defending their own ideas.

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March 19, 2006

Living In The Sixties, Still

To commemorate the third anniversary of the beginning of offensive operations in Iraq, Left-wing 60's throwbacks who had nothing better to do this weekend assembled to voice their opposition in many cities across the U.S. Unfortunately for them, most of numbers anticipated for these gatherings fell far short of expectations.

It was a regular "Big Chill" fest with aging ex-hippies reliving the "good old days" when their protests actually made a difference.

One of the biggest protests was in San Francisco, for decades a hub of anti-war sentiment. Police there estimated the crowd gathered outside City Hall at about 6,000 people. Many chanted slogans opposing Bush, and most appeared to hail from a distinctly grayer demographic than that of other protest events.

''There are not enough young people here,'' said Paul Perchonock, 61, a physician. ''They don't see themselves as having a stake.''

Um, no Paul. Most of the "young people" today don't share you're hippy delusion that we live in a Nazi-like police state.

After the protests subsided, many of the participants headed over to the nearest Chinese Buffet in time to get their senior discounts.

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March 09, 2006


Even in the face of their candidate's loss in the TX-28 primary on Tuesday (and the fact that every candidate they've ever supported has lost), has the audacity to put the following word in the subject line of their latest email:



Schadenfreude is too fun.

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February 19, 2006

For Lack Of A New "Anti-Bush/Cheney" Meme

It's been over a week. The case is closed. Harry Whittington has recovered. The country has moved on.

But the Left side of the blogosphere is still beating the dead horse. It shouldn't be all that surprising. Until something else comes along, the moonbats will continue to spin their Oliver Stone-esque conspiracy theories about Dick Cheney.

Mark at Decision '08 takes a sniff at this sad phenomenon and finds "The Smell Of Desperation".

As a Republican partisan, however, IÂ’m more than happy to let the opposition fritter away their little remaining credibility over a story that is (literally, in this case) yesterdayÂ’s newsÂ…itÂ’s the Democratic Party that needs to go hunting - for a message, if they care at all about about winning electionsÂ…
I second that one.

As for the Old Media, Drudge is reporting that Time and Newsweek are actually planning cover stories on this dead horse for this week's issues. Matt gets a good dig at the weekly news rags mags:

NEWSWEEK editor Mark Whitaker defends his decision to push for another week of Cheney-Shooting coverage: "The reason we ultimately decided to stick with a cover is not because of the hunting incident itself-although we did turn up some new details that you might not have read elsewhere-but because of what it says about the mysterious world of the most powerful vice president of recent times."

...Or what it says about the timing and state of print publications in the Click Age of news cycles.

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February 17, 2006

Fantasy v. Reality

The latest email plea:

An internal review at the Justice Department is an important development but it's not enough. With reports of wider abuses in the National Security Agency and growing concern from leading conservatives, it's obvious that Congress needs to do its job, enforce the law and fully investigate the president's dangerous power grab.

Momentum is turning against the president and it's clear that he's worried about it. Until this week, a full Congressional investigation seemed certain—-but the Bush administration is nervous about what an investigation will find. So, they've been running a full-blown campaign to get Republicans to back off. According to the Washington Post, it's been "full court press," and even Dick Cheney has personally lobbied out-of-line Republicans.4

We can't let them get away with this.

Okay, kids. Let's take a valium and chill a bit, shall we?

Here's the real story: Democrats (and certain Republicans), despite knowing full well the details of the NSA surveillance program - because they have been briefed about it all along - have seen the polls and understand that the MSM's attempt to paint this program as "domestic spying" has failed miserably.

Without having either a legal or Constitutional basis for challenging its validity, they realize that it's time to back off. The White House, in an attempt to allow some of these Senators to save face in light of their embarrassing position, has extended an olive branch to their legislative critics by allowing them to say that they forced a "change" when in reality this "deal" changes nothing. This bogus investigation now falls by the wayside and lets the President get back to the business of protecting the American people. Remember back in December when this was supposed to be the death-knell of the Bush Administration? So much for that fantasy, huh?

I must say, I'm a bit disappointed that the Administration has given these political opportunists a way out. I think that the Justice Department should have pushed back on this issue as much as possible to see just how far these Left-wing terrorist-coddlers were willing to go.

But is trying to organize "Constitutional Vigils" in the wake of their loss. The email begs:

"By attending a vigil on the 22nd, you'll be sending a clear message to your elected officials: they need to do their job, defend the Constitution and hold the president accountable, and you're watching to make sure they do."
Actually, by attending one of these "vigils" their anti-victory-bots around the country will further remind average Americans how out of touch with reality these kooks really are. Go for it, dudes!

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February 08, 2006

Git On Home, Cindy, Cindy...

The Wordsmith has created a video "tribute" to the antics of media whore Cindy Sheehan. It's actually a re-edited version of the one he did in November, but this version includes her most recent activities in Venezuala and at the SOTU. It also ends with a real tribute to the servicemen and women who put their asses on the line everyday to that Cindy can exercise her right to be a moonbat.

Check it out here.

On a side note, it looks like Barbara Boxer is trying to put the kabosh on Sheehan's plans to challenge Diane FrankenFeinstein for her Senate seat. I say, let her run!

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January 29, 2006

Lefty Fever-Swamp In "War-Room" Mode

Despite the handwriting on the wall that a filibuster attempt is doomed, the Mos Eisley of the Angry Left (as James Taranto refers to DailyKos) is all a buzz trying to rally their 3 or 4 million minions to contact Senators who they wishfully consider to be "wobbly" on the filibuster and put the pressure on.

And the strategy was laid out on a conference call to Lefty bloggers by Tailspin Teddy and John Francois Kerry.

But even the Uber-Liberal Boston Globe has conceded defeat, reporting that "the best Kerry and Kennedy can hope for is to persuade 25 or 30 Democrats to sign on." These folks would have made terrific Kamikaze pilots.

California Yankees comments on RedState: "[Harry] Reid said he would support Kerry's filibuster 'to at least send a message.' Sadly, the message is that the Democrats are obstructionist sore losers." But just for shits 'n giggles he's keeping a pretty detailed tally as the events unfold.

The cloture vote is scheduled for tomorrow at 5:30pm, after which the confirmation vote for Sam Alito will take place on Tuesday around 11:30am. I plan on checking in every once in a while to watch the circus, but unless anything particularly interesting happens following this moment to moment makes as much sense as watching a round of the PGA tour on TV. Zzzzzzzzz.

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January 27, 2006

This Is What Arrogance Sounds Like

Sen. John "Francois" Kerry decided to pander to the extreme Left try and persuade his Liberal friends to support an Alito filibuster. The way he does it is most amusing. He considers Sam Alito a result of the old switchero.

This was a coup.

Miers was removed and Alito was installed to replace the swing vote on the Court. The President gave no thought to what the American people really wanted--or needed. So it's up to us to think about what America really needs - that's part of the true meaning of "advice and consent."

Umm. I don't remember the poll that said "most American voters disapprove of Alito". G.W. Bush ran for re-election (against the aforementioned Sen. Kerry) and he made it quite clear that he intended to appoint Justices in - "the mold of Justice Scalia or Justice Thomas". And guess what? He won!

And even if there WAS a poll that said differently, so what? I don't recall the provision in the Constitution that called for a poll result to determine who the President could nominate or one that stated that a "swing vote" on the Court had to be replace with another "swing vote". Elections have consequences and Bush can appoint anyone he sees fit. As long as that nominee is qualified, there is NO provision in the Constitution for the Senate withhold its "consent". And it looks like a majority of Senators - Democrat AND Republican - give their consent.

When Sen. Kerry says he cares about "what America really needs", what he means is what he thinks America really needs. Because as far as he's concerned, if the American voter is too stupid to vote for George Bush over him then they certainly don't know what's best for the Supreme Court. Like a true Liberal elitist douchebag, Kerry thinks he knows better than the knuckle-dragging plebians of the electorate. So he's determined to pursue obstuction as his interpretation of "advise and consent".

Guess what Frenchy-boy? You LOST in November and you're gonna LOSE now. Because the American people - whether you believe it or not - are smart enough to decide for themselves what they want.

Here's a clue: they DIDN'T want you as President but they DO want Sam Alito on the Court. So go back to your sugar-mommy and "borrow" some money to send to because at this point they have more political influence than you do. Loser.

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"Call Your Senators"...

It's bad enough that both of my Senators - Chris Dodd (D) and Joe Lieberman (D) have committed to voting against Samuel Alito, one of the most eminently qualified candidates for SCOTUS in the entire country. But is emailing me and begging me to write both of them to join Tweedledee (D) and Tweedledum (D) of Mass. to try and push a futile filibuster despite knowing that they don't have the votes to maintain it.

From's e-mail: "Filibustering the Alito nomination isn't just the right policy for the country, it's good politics for progressives."

Nice, not only do they not have the balls to call themselves Liberals, but they're admitting flat out that this is nothing more than what they consider to be "good politics".

Fortunately, the people in charge understand that there are some things more important than "good politics" and a good man and prudent jurist will soon be seated on the highest court of the land.

Allow me to quote Willy Wonka on this one. "You get NOTHING! You LOSE! Good day, sir."

Try winning an election once in a while and maybe your party wouldn't be so impotent.

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The "Mos Eisley" Of The Angry Left

That's what James Taranto calls DailyKos in his "Best of the Web" column today (2nd item down).


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January 25, 2006

Just Two More Minutes? Please?


Has it really been fifteen? Already?

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January 15, 2006

This Is Amusing

Kate O'Beirne of National Review has a new book out that's driving the moonbats to new levels of hysteria.

Now, when I see a book come out that has a premise that I deem ridiculous, I accept it for what it is. Crap. And then I move on. There are plenty of Left-wing screeds on the NY Times bestseller list that Liberals run right out and buy because they tell them what they want to hear. It's a free market, but if the book really is crap only the moonbats will buy it.

Well, the Left is so apoplectic about O'Beirne's book that they've hopped on over to in droves and driven down the "rating" to 1.5 stars. And they see this is as some kind of victory for their side. As if someone who actually reads the reviews wouldn't figure out from the psychotic blathering that these people would hate the book no matter what. Here's one Lefty site that's positively giddy over these tactics:

Nice to know we drew blood. Because, you see, it isn't about winning some sort of ultimate triumph, it's about making them fight for every inch.
Drew blood? Really? Gee Whiz, how will Ms. O'Beirne ever recover? To look at this as some kind of guerrilla warfare that wounds Conservatism is pretty childish. And here I thought it was about competing ideas, not doing whatever you can to try and make sure opposing ideas never see the light of day.

I haven't read O'Beirne's book (but then I'm sure neither have any of these moonbats). But it seems to me that the book should speak for itself. If it's full of lies and distortions that fly in the face of reality, won't that come through? Ah, but for moonbats, the writings of Conservatives seem to have this magical ability to put a spell over the American "sheeple", as Liberals would call them. The idea that the average person has the ability to think critically and make up their own mind can't penetrate their elitist mindset.

And so, just as Nazis burned books that they deemed a threat to their ideology, Liberals use these kind of petty tactics that reek of the very kind of fascism that they like to ascribe to American Conservatives. If this is what they have to resort to, they're in sadder shape that I thought.

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January 05, 2006

It Didn't Take Long

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, the WV mine disaster? That was Bush's fault, too.

Political figures from both parties have long defended and profited from ties to the coal industry. Whether or not that was a factor in the Sago mine's history, the Bush administration's cramming of important posts in the Department of the Interior with biased operatives from the coal, oil and gas industry is not reassuring about general safety in the mines. Steven Griles, a mining lobbyist before being appointed deputy secretary of the interior, devoted four years to rolling back mine regulations and then went back to lobbying for the industry.

h/t: Michelle Malkin

UPDATE: Tom Bevan at RCP Blog rebuts (with facts)

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January 02, 2006

Caring For Your Pet Moonbat

To start off the new year, Mr. Right has posted an excellent parody titled "The Proper Care and Feeding of Moonbats". Go check it out!

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November 28, 2005

The End Of The Trainwreck?

If there was ever a person who grossly overestimated their own noteriety, it's this gal:

sheehan waits.jpg

Cindy Sheehan waited this past Saturday for the crowds of supporters to come out to her camp in Texas and have her autograph copies of her book. It was a long wait. They didn't come.

This woman, who jumped the shark weeks ago, still holds on to the hope that she will be the spark that ignites the fire of an anti-war uprising the likes of which this country hasn't seen since the 1970's. In doing so, she has made a fool of herself. She has alienated her family. She has driven away her husband. And all the Left-wing nutjobs that she thought were her friends have squeezed the last bit of anti-Bush propaganda out of her and tossed her into the trashcan like an empty tube of toothpaste.

Now she has nobody, except for two guys with cameras who showed up for the free coffee and donuts.

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November 20, 2005

"Peace Mom" Writes A Book

cindy sheehan media whore.jpg

Now you just knew this was going to happen.

Now those journal entries are in her book, "Not One More Mother's Child," to be released Wednesday. The paperback also contains some of her speeches to peace groups earlier this year, letters to politicians and writings since leaving Crawford.

"I never wrote anything more than a note to excuse my kids from school before Casey was killed, so to see something I wrote in print with my name on it is amazing," Sheehan told The Associated Press by phone from her home in Berkeley, Calif.

Sheehan gained national attention during her 26-day vigil on a Texas roadside near President Bush's ranch in August. She refused to move until the president met with her or ended his vacation. That moved Arnie Kotler, the founder of a Hawaii publishing company who saw news coverage and read Sheehan's Internet blog entries from the protest.

"I thought, 'This is already a book. This is incredible,'" said Kotler of Koa Books, which printed about 20,000 copies. "We got it done as quickly as we could, and the deepest reason is to stop the war."

Um, Koa Books? Not Random House? Not even Michael Moore's publisher Simon & Schuster? Some dude in Hawaii?


Graphic filched from Theodore's World

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November 15, 2005

It's A Full Moon Tonight!


moon phase info

And you know what that means! Moonbats will gather to bark their hatred for Chimpy McBushitler and his evil Repug minions!!! Don't Go Into The Light reports that they're being drawn to Washington D.C. tonight! Lock your windows and doors! And hang garlic cloves everywhere! Oh the humanity!!

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