March 19, 2006

Living In The Sixties, Still

To commemorate the third anniversary of the beginning of offensive operations in Iraq, Left-wing 60's throwbacks who had nothing better to do this weekend assembled to voice their opposition in many cities across the U.S. Unfortunately for them, most of numbers anticipated for these gatherings fell far short of expectations.

It was a regular "Big Chill" fest with aging ex-hippies reliving the "good old days" when their protests actually made a difference.

One of the biggest protests was in San Francisco, for decades a hub of anti-war sentiment. Police there estimated the crowd gathered outside City Hall at about 6,000 people. Many chanted slogans opposing Bush, and most appeared to hail from a distinctly grayer demographic than that of other protest events.

''There are not enough young people here,'' said Paul Perchonock, 61, a physician. ''They don't see themselves as having a stake.''

Um, no Paul. Most of the "young people" today don't share you're hippy delusion that we live in a Nazi-like police state.

After the protests subsided, many of the participants headed over to the nearest Chinese Buffet in time to get their senior discounts.

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