July 29, 2005

You Know You're From Connecticut If...

(note: this is a much pared down - and relevant - version of the actual Blogthing list)
  • You have hiked up a big hill or small mountain at least once for a keg party.
  • You never went to a bar in high school.
  • You thought that the only highways were 91 and 84.
  • You thought everyone couldn't buy beer after 8 pm
  • You have been to Misquamicut and to that little hot dog place.
  • There is a farm within miles of your house
  • You thought bars were really for people over 21
  • You don't have an accent when you talk
  • You have deer in your backyard.
  • You didn't drink or do drugs until 10th grade.
  • You have been drunk at the Meadows and don't remember the concert.
  • You went to Riverside at least once a summer
  • You've been to Cape Cod
  • You think the Connecticut River is endless
  • The town diner is the only place open after midnight.
  • You root for all the New York sports teams
  • You have said... " I'm in a good location... Between both Boston and New York."
  • You get pissed at anyone who doesn't know how to drive in the snow.
  • You still can't find your way in Hartford (except for that bar area near Union Station.)
  • You hold the door open for someone and they don't say "Thank You."
  • There is absolutely nothing to do in the winter
  • Your family owns more cars than legal drivers
  • The state is so small you know where all the speed traps are
  • You can't understand why people don't understand what your talking about when you refer to a "package" store
  • You know of at least one person who's house was totally trashed after a huge party
  • You have at least one friend whose house was built in the 1800's
  • Your house would cost half as much in any other state
  • You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Connecticut.

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