September 27, 2005

Will It Be Owens? Scotus Rumors Flying is saying that their sources are telling them that Priscilla Owen is in the lead to replace O'Connor:

Word in legal circles is that Priscilla Owen is set to become the next justice appointed to the United States Supreme Court. Unfortunately, I have received reliable information late this afternoon that Karl Rove, among others, is making a last minute push for the President to consider Alberto Gonzales, despite previous assurances from inside the White House, Justice Department, and Senate that Gonzales was not being considered.
Personally, I think this is a deflection based on the last go-around. They also report that an announcement will likely come Thursday. This seems about right, although I would be more specific in saying that it will come at about 8:30pm Thursday night (the White House always seems to like to preempt "Will & Grace", just for the fun of it).

The sequence of events should go like this: First, a full Senate vote on Roberts, who will be confirmed either today or tomorrow. My gut tells me that the White House has an "over/under" for the Dem vote count in mind and depending on what side of the line that number ends up, one of two people will be nominated. If by Thursday morning Roberts has already been confirmed, expect the rumor mill to swirl wildly with another "head-fake" splashed on Drudge and other sites. By the end of the evening, they will finally announce a name that wasn't on anyone's anticipated list.

This going to be fun. :-)

Hat Tip to Conservative Grapevine

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