June 29, 2005

What is wrong with them?

Politicians these days, that is. That's the question Peggy Noonan asks in her column today. What sparked it was this week's issue of Time magazine in which Senator Barack Obama (IL) compares his "own struggles" with that of Abraham Lincoln. With a perfect jab of irony, Noonan writes:

Actually Lincoln's life is a lot like Mr. Obama's. Lincoln came from a lean-to in the backwoods. His mother died when he was 9. The Lincolns had no money, no standing. Lincoln educated himself, reading law on his own, working as a field hand, a store clerk and a raft hand on the Mississippi. He also split some rails. He entered politics, knew more defeat than victory, and went on to lead the nation through its greatest trauma, the Civil War, and past its greatest sin, slavery.

Barack Obama, the son of two University of Hawaii students, went to Columbia and Harvard Law after attending a private academy that taught the children of the Hawaiian royal family. He made his name in politics as an aggressive Chicago vote hustler in Bill Clinton's first campaign for the presidency.

You see the similarities.

I echo her question, what the hell is wrong with these egomaniacs?

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