March 30, 2005

What if Kofi where a corporate CEO?

Here's a twist the latest Oil-For-Food U.N. scandal that's put Kofi Annan's integrity into question: If Kofi Annan were Ken Lay, he'd be gone already.

The report, released yesterday, does not explicitly implicate Annan in the allegations about his son, Kojo but what is does reveal about Kofi Annan is a pattern of "willful neglect, conflict of interest and incompetence". The editorial makes the point that had this report been about the head of a large corporation there would be no question about the future of that business leader - "you're outta here!"

The NYT and WaPo would be screaming for him to step down and demand formal charges be brought up against him. But then, I'm forgetting that they're using different standards for an evil American corporation than for their precious United Nations.

They do a nice summary of the case in question that concerns Annan with a link to the full report, noting:

"Anyone who still thinks Mr. Annan has been acquitted of "wrongdoing" would do well to read it, as would anyone who still believes Mr. Annan is fit to lead the United Nations."

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