February 22, 2005

What about the "centrist mavericks" on the Dem side?

Just to dovetail every Republican's disgust of Sen. John McCain's "Meet The Press" statement that Hillary would make a wonderful President (gag)...excuse me...I find it so hypocritical that the MSM loves to interview McCain and a handful of others in the GOP that like to criticize the Administration and their own party. But what about all those mavericks in the Democrat party?

(Cue crickets)

The American Spectator runs down the list of moderate Democrats who make up the Concord Coalition and their criticisms aimed at the Democrat party's unwillingness to even accept that there is a problem with Social Security. Funny, but I've never heard of these guys, have you? As William Tucker points out in the article:

The mainstream media constantly celebrate the maverick stances of the Senate's three "moderate Republicans" -- John McCain of Arizona, Susan Collins, of Maine and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. Yet no one ever asks what happened to the moderate Democrats? The answer is, they are now in exile, completely read out of a party that has Howard Dean as its national chairman and "Hell No, We Won't Go" as its solution to Social Security.

Apparently, being banished from the Democrat reservation is enough to keep "responsible" journalists away from talking to you.

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