April 30, 2005

"Washington Insiders" handicap the 2008 GOP candidates...

Blue State Conservatives passes along a tip from Hugh Hewitt (scroll down to third item) about an article with a poll from "Washington insiders" picking their favorites for the 2008 GOP Presidential candidate. The poll, courtesty of Boston.com, doesn't give a party breakdown (or any details for that matter) of the respondents. But the results were interesting:
  • Sen. George Allen (VA) - #1
  • Sen. John McCain (AZ) - #2
  • Sen. Bill Frist (TN) - #3
  • former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani - #4

Obviously McCain can throw in the towel and Frist is skating on thin ice with the whole judicial nomination issue, but the fact that Allen is number one surprises me. While he is my favorite, I wouldn't think too many inside-the-beltway folks would have picked him. Could be an indication of how well he has networked himself at this point.

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