March 24, 2005

Vermont Farmer imprisoned for starving cows...

You just can't make this up. NRO's The Corner links to this news story about a man put behind bars for neglecting to give food or water to his livestock.

"We think some jail time is appropriate," said [State's Attorney Tom] Kelly in an October interview. "The cows suffered tremendously."
Yes, common sense would make you think so.

So animals suffer and die, and someone goes to jail. But the same thing happens to a human being and her husband inherits over $1 million. But of course this man's actions are actually punishable by law:

"DeNeergaard, first charged in March 2003, allegedly neglected to feed or water his herd of 75 cows. Numerous investigations by Vermont State Police and the Agency of Agriculture revealed squalid conditions in the Cabot barn, and a preliminary report by a veterinarian said at least 11 cows found dead on the farm had starved to death.

Police became involved in November when Cabot Constable Jeffrey Haggert observed dead animals outside the barn and notified authorities. State police and agriculture officials who investigated DeNeergaard on Dec. 4 found dead cows in the barn and said in an affidavit that food and water were not available to the remaining cows.

The irony is truly appalling.

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