June 23, 2005

Thou Doth Protest Too Much...

The Liberal side of the blogosphere is going COMPLETELY MENTAL over Rove's comments. Just do a Technorati search, it's hilarious!

The more I think about this the more brilliant it gets. Think about it.

Durbin made a comment that was so over the top and aimed at our military that the average person said "that's pretty absurd". If you ask the average Joe about Rove's comments you'll most likely get "sounds about right to me." The fact that Democrats are so freaking out of their minds shows how much it hit home.

If it wasn't true, they could laugh it off the way Republicans laugh off Howard Dean's stupid comments - and have some fun at Rove's expense.

In fact other than a few Conservative bloggers crowing about it, the impact of this story would have been minor if Dems ignored it. Now because of the apoplectic fits taking place in Washington - and soon the MSM - this will be the big story heading into the weekend news cycle.

And here's the story: Rove says liberals are titty-babies who care more about the rights of captured terrorists than protecting American lives. Now Liberals will have to spend the next several days trying to convince the American people that it's not true...and they can't. In fact, now we can play all the sound-bites and quotes of Democrats who have said at one time or another that we brought 9/11 on ourselves.

See the updates on Captain Ed's post

UPDATE: 7:53pm

H-Bomb at Ankle-Biting Pundits has six reasons why this is a strategic disaster on the part of the Dems.

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