June 30, 2005

"The Democrat Party is not a growth industry"

Jayson at Polipundit does some demographics digging and sees trends that don't bode well for Democrats in general and "Blue States" specifically. The current migrations away from the Northeast are heading to States like Florida, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

"[F]or those of you who might assume or who might want to project that the influx of those blue-state denizens somehow will decrease GOP hegemony in the states to which they are migrating, actually, just the opposite is true. Again, the people who are migrating there have jobs and young families. That’s the entire reason they’re moving in the first instance. They’re not 85 year-old, by-rote Democrats. They’re not “librule” college students. They’re not welfare cases beholden to Democrat handouts. They’re not going to vote that much differently than the national averages. But, again, raw population increases mean additional electoral votes for the states to which they move."

Not to mention that Republicans tend to reproduce like rabbits compared to Democrats!

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