March 31, 2005

Ted Koppel Leaving "Nightline", Show's Future in Doubt...

Good Riddance, I say. A show which started out as a temporary nightly deathwatch on the Iranian hostages never should have lingered this long. Koppel will exit stage left at the end of the year

I can remember staying up some nights and seeing that mannequin with a dead ferret on his head drone on that it was "Day 259...", "Day 327..." or "Day 403..." since the Iranian students took over our embassy and we sat impotently by taking that humiliation.

And Koppel had to be there, night after night after God-awful night, to remind us how much America was weak and a laughing stock. He probably enjoyed himself the whole time - thinking we got dose of what we deserved.

Well, in this competitive environment, I would be shocked if Disney continued with this MSM dinosaur of a show and didn't replace it with something to go up against Letterman and Leno. Hey, I hear Whoopi Goldberg is looking for something to do instead of her current one-woman Broadway rant against Bush. Of course, she's probably already worn out her welcome on television these days.

Hat Tip to: Drudge

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