February 28, 2005

Star Wars Spoiler Site...

For those of you who:
  1. can't wait to see the final Star Wars movie on May 19th - Ep. III Revenge of the Sith, and
  2. LOVE spoilers

I've got a site for you: TBone's Star Wars Universe.

But beware, you will pretty much get the entire plot spelled out for you. Of course, you could also just wait for April 2 when the novelization comes out and get even the dialogue spoiled.

I swore I would avoid spoilers for this one, but I just.can't.do it.

Inigo Montoya: "Who ARE you?"
Man In Black: "No one to be trifled with."
Inigo Montoya: "I must know."
Man In Black: "Get used to disappointments."
Inigo Montoya: "Okay."

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