February 24, 2005

Sick Time - Use it or lose it...

Having been raised in a union household, I'm all to familiar with the idea of abusing the crap out of allotted sick time. Now, as Jay Tea at Wizbangblog points out, Sen. "Tailspin" Teddy Kennedy is pushing a bill to make it mandatory for companies with more than 15 employees to grant full-time workers seven sick days.

Now for those of us who work in the private sector, "sick days" are what you are supposed to take when you need them - that is, when you're legitimately too sick to go to work. They don't accumulate, they don't get "banked" and they are certainly not paid out in wages if they're not used. My experience has always been that if you give people five sick days a year, there are those who will take them all whether they need to or not because they are "entitled". Of course if you give them 30 sick days, same result. Most people don't abuse the system but there are plenty of folks who will and it sucks for rest of us who have to pick up the slack. Especially in the era of productivity, productivity, productivity.

Go read the whole post, as Jay makes some excellent points, but here's the money shot:

"My employer has already farmed out a good number of jobs to India, and more can follow. But as long as the unions keep pumping money into his pockets, Kennedy could care less. After all, only idiots WORK for a living -- the finest people simply suck off the public teat their entire life."

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