February 20, 2005

Sick As A Dog...

Driving home last night, the annoying hacking and coughing developed into a full blown cold. Spent last night on the bed taking every over-the-counter drug I could. Even took some Airborne, which supposedly doesn't help much when you're well into a cold. But it's supposed to boost you immune system so it couldn't hurt, right? My theory is that they can't advise you take it during a cold because that would imply that it's a cure. And if they did that, the FDA would swoop in and regulate the s*** out of it. So screw them. Airborne and NyQuil, a sweet combination.

Will try to post on occasion today - in between fever convulsions.

BTW, I think it's cool when my wife where's my bathrobe, but it really pisses me off when she leaves a whole bunch of used tissues in the pockets. Grrrrr.

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