May 18, 2005

Red-State Bound...

Well, before the sun rises tomorrow, I will have loaded up my EM-50 Tactical Urban Assault Vehicle (the mini-van) and will be heading down South with the wife and kids for a short while. First stop: North Carolina for my nephew's wedding. Then I'm continuing down to Atlanta to visit my wife's brother and sister-in-law.

This is a family-centric trip so I will not be posting while I'm gone. Also, I have shut down comments so my e-mail inbox doesn't get bloated - nothing personal. I'm sure a lot will be going down during this time - the final Bolton vote, the "nucular" option, Howard Dean's stupid-comment-of-the-week and assorted moonbat outbreaks.

Due to traveling and the wedding and stuff, I'm probably not going to see Revenge of the Sith until early next week. Hey, I've waited twenty-seven years, what's a few more days?

Oh...and apparently I turned 38 today. Blast, even my Blogger Profile won't let me forget!

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