April 13, 2006

Quiz Question Insults Condi

A test given for a course at Bellevue Community College reads like this:

"Condoleezza holds a watermelon just over the edge of the roof of the 300-foot Federal Building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second."

Nice. Needless to say, it garnered some complaints. Who's the teacher who wrote the question? The college ain't sayin'.

"The college declined to release the name of the teacher who wrote the question. [Bellevue Community College President Jean] Floten said the teacher has apologized and requested cultural-sensitivity training.

The test question was originally written with the name of a comedian, Gallagher, whose signature shtick was to smash a variety of objects, often watermelons. Later, the question was rewritten, and the name was changed to Condoleezza, Floten said."

In 2004, John Kerry carried King County, WA by 66%. You probably don't have to think too hard to figure out the political inclinations of the teacher in question, though.

It's probably one of those "racially-sensitive" Liberals.

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