February 22, 2006

Primary Challenge To Lieberman "A Go"

CT Businessman Ned Lamont has told WTNH's Mark Davis that he is set to formally announce his campaign to challenge Sen. Joe Lieberman in the States's Democrat primary.

Frankly, I've never heard of the guy. But what do I know? Lieberman is popular with voters of both parties State-wide. But only Democrats get to choose their Senate candidate. And a lot of them are pissed off at Joe because of his support of the Global War on Terror and our current operations in Iraq.

Are there enough moonbats to throw him over the side? It's a long-shot but anything's possible. Left-wing Democrats have been salivating at the thought of making an example out of Lieberman to show other Democrat Senators around the country that the MoveOn.org crowd really calls the shots in their party.

I'm skeptical about Lamont's prospects but it will be interesting to watch.

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