November 23, 2005

The Elephant In The Room

Or "Being Surrounded By Donkeys On Thanksgiving".

Many of us who are Conservatives and/or Republicans and live in "Blue States" will be going to visit relatives tomorrow. And many of us will come into contact with relatives who are Liberals and/or Democrats openly hostile to President Bush, the war or the GOP in general.

Fortunately for me, this isn't a huge problem that I've had to deal with. When my family gets together we all know where we stand and we all realize it's pointless to "get into it".

But there are many folks out there who are looking at the prospect of being perhaps the odd man (or woman) out when the emotionally-charged topic of current events comes up during the gathering. Throw liquor into the equation and you have the potential for a real mess.

My advice for those that find themselves in the all-alone or outnumbered category (on both sides of the political spectrum): do NOT engage. I know it can be frustrating and I know it's difficult to leave statements hanging out there when you know you can refute them.

But do NOT engage.

It's like the movie "Road House" when Patrick Swayze is instructing all the other bouncers to "be nice" to the bar patrons no matter how loud, rude, obnoxious or aggressive they may be. He tells them not to take it personally. One of the guys asks Swayze if being called a c***s***** isn't personal. He says "No. It's two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response".

And when a close relative goes off on a particular issue that you disagree with, it's not personal either. It's someone who is frustrated or angry trying to elicit a perscribed response. They are venting. Don't feed into it.

Let it go. Do NOT engage.

But shouldn't a person defend their beliefs? Sure, but guess what? Thanksgiving dinner isn't the time or place for it. Remember what the day is for. Be thankful that you are are able to gather with your relatives (even the ones that piss you off). Be thankful for your health. Be mindful of the things in your life that are most important.

And remember, no matter what, do NOT engage.

And be nice. Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 That would put the ole damper on the fireworks that go off when too many McPeaks converge within a half of a mile of eachother... half of which are loonytoon liberals who worship the Kennedy Klan, and then there's the side that I proudly lead... we've won the royal rumble boxing fest each of the last 3 years! You expect me to forefit the title? Never!!! Gotta go load up on ice and fishing line for stitches...

Posted by: Peakah at November 23, 2005 03:44 PM (LxGm9)

2 Your advice is much simpler to follow than Hugh Hewitt's. I've gotten invited by an all lib activist family. Pray for me.

Posted by: Wordsmith at November 23, 2005 09:51 PM (nrGCx)

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