April 28, 2006

Final Thoughts On The Snow Job

The editors at National Review Online cheer the Tony Snow appointment as WH Press Secretary. And they give Conservatives another reason to be up about this move by the White House:

"As former editorial editor of the Detroit News and the Washington Times, he is well versed in policy and understands his fellow conservatives. He wouldn't have been blindsided by the outcry against Harriet Miers or the Hill revolt over the Dubai ports deal. He shares conservatives' frustration with expansions in the government's size and scope. And he will bring important perspective to Bush aides, who at times appear out of touch with their supporters' sentiments, and have been unable to tell which criticisms of the president would have resonance and which wouldn't."
Snow's familiarity with the Republican base and the world of political reality will help keep the President connected to the people whose support he most needs right now.

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April 25, 2006

Snow The New WH Press Secretary?

UPDATE: 4/26/06 9:00am
It's all over but the official announcement, which comes this morning. Tony Snow is in as WH Press Secretary. This going to be fun.

Captain Ed makes an interesting observation:

"As other bloggers on the left have made clear, Tony has had his differences with this administration over the past five years. (Who hasn't?) Tony may have wanted to make sure that the next three years would bring policy efforts for which he could have great enthusiasm. I doubt Tony would have given up his lucrative positions at Fox and in syndication in order to represent policies in which he did not believe. His hiring may not have explicit policy implications, but it hints at some possible shifts."
It really begs the question to Snow's Liberal critics: which is it guys, is he a sock-puppet or a hypocrite? Make up your minds.


It's looking more and more like this is going to happen. But then the story is from CNN, so you never know.

Here's my two cents (that nobody asked for). Generally, the White House Press Secretary is responsible for releasing information authorized by the Oval Office and to field questions from reporters. Now, having Tony Snow be that person may reinforce the idea to those on the Left that FoxNews belongs to the Bushies. Mark at Decision '08 has this exact reservation. Of course, that's unfair. Snow is a political analyst for FoxNews who makes no secret of his personal philosophy nor should he in his current capacity. He's supposed to offer opinion and take sides. If only the Liberal political commentators on cable news would be so honest.

But the bottom line is: who cares? Would the Left view ANY choice for this post as a "good choice"? I think not. They don't play nice. They don't think that they have to.

More and more, Liberal reporters are using press conferences to grandstand and couch their questions in such ridiculous ways. How many times has Scott McClellan had to deal with a "have you stopped beating your wife" type of question? And reporters like NBC's David Gregory won't accept answers that they don't like. Don't even get me started on Helen Thomas. White House press conferences have been a joke lately; simply opportunities for reporters to try to score points against the Administration and make unsubstantiate insinuations. Rush Limbaugh hasn't dubbed them the "drive-by media" for nothing.

Well, Tony Snow is not going to stand for that crap. He'll be composed. He'll be polite. He'll be professional.

But he also know how to make these assclowns look stupid when they ask stupid questions. If this pans out, I look forward to seeing clips from these press conferences instead of wincing while the White House Press Corps plays "beat up on the fat kid".

I think the Administration is finally learning that they can't win with these people. It's important to be civil but it's time they went on the offense.

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April 18, 2006

Six Generals Oppose Rumsfeld

Compared to, oh, 4,700 who don't. BrainShavings has a great graphic that puts this into a nice visual perspective.

Go check it out.

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