October 24, 2005

Poll Games

Why is it that whenever some outfit - like USAToday, A/P, CBS/NYTimes or Pew - does a poll that asks "adults" (which means basically whomever picked up the phone regardless of whether or not they're even a U.S. citizen) if they have a positive or negative view of the President and the results look bad for Bush, you see it as the lead story everywhere? Even Drudge (when he's not monitoring hurricanes) usually has it as his top story.

And then, when you get a poll that actually uses a legitimate methodology and samples "likely voters" (i.e. people who are paying attention to the news and taking the time to not only register to vote, but to actually got out and vote) like this one and it shows Bush's approval rating higher than the others, you have to go to a Canadian website to find it? Anyone else see this today?

As I've said before, it doesn't really matter what Bush's approval rating is. He's not running for President anymore. Or anything for the matter...ever. But it's ridiculous the "pack" mentality that the MSM has on this subject. Basically, if it's good news, ignore it. But if it's bad news - regardless of the quality of the poll - run with it. What a bunch of shit. I know the bias is there, but it never ceases to amaze me just how blatant it is, like they're not even trying to hide it.

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