September 13, 2006

Novak Slams Armitage As "Deceptive"

Drudge is breaking information included in Robert Novak's upcoming column that finally sets the record straight about Richard Armitage. In short, the Novak asserts that the former Assistant Secretary of State is not telling the whole truth about his role in the Plame affair.

Novak, attempting to set the reocrd straight writes: "First, Armitage did not, as he now indicates, merely pass on something he had heard and that he 'thought' might be so. Rather, he identified to me the CIA division where Mrs. Wilson worked, and said flatly that she recommended the mission to Niger by her husband, former Amb. Joseph Wilson. Second, Armitage did not slip me this information as idle chitchat, as he now suggests. He made clear he considered it especially suited for my column."

Novak slams Armitage for holding back all this time.

What say you, Mr. Fitzgerald?

Novak's full column is up at the Chicago Sun-Times' website.

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